We have a burning desire to see a generation set on fire for the Glory of God. We do not believe they have to wait until they are “grown” to start impacting the world with the Gospel. Many of the disciples were the same age as our kids when they walked with Jesus. They are eager and ready to start right now. They are just waiting on someone to give them the tools, knowledge, encounters, and opportunities to do so. Our goal is to create a place where each student that walks through our doors has an opportunity to encounter their Father – the King of Kings – and learn about their identity as sons and daughters. We believe if students get the opportunity to encounter His love and receive their identity in Christ at an early age, it will anchor them for the rest of their lives. Through small groups, community groups, Wednesday night services, retreats, camps, and events throughout the year, we take every opportunity we have with them to help them get rooted in the Word of God, community, and their identity in Christ.


Garden Greenville Youth meets every Wednesday from 6:30p to 8:45p in Auditorium C at The Garden Greenville. Friday Night Fire is every other Friday night from 6pm-9pm.

Retreats / Camps / Events

We take students to a Summer Camp every year and have various events going on throughout the year. If you would like to subscribe to our email updates, please email

Upcoming Events