The Lord has called The Garden Greenville to be a house of prayer and to build out 24/7 on campus prayer and worship for our church body and our city, state, nation, and world! To accomplish this mission we need laid down intercessors and worshippers to stand in the gap and align with heaven's will! This will be taking place ON the Garden Church campus IN THE PRAYER ROOM (room 204) so make sure to take that into consideration as you sign up for a prayer and worship time slot. Ask the Lord when you should sign up and then step into obedience!
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Prayer slots are currently open Mon-Thu, 8am-5pm.

When you arrive for your time please use the RING doorbell to gain access to the church and make your way to the Prayer Room (room 204).


9am - 4pm
The sanctuary is open from 9am - 4pm, Monday - Thursday for prayer.


12pm - 2pm
Join us for Garden Prayer on Thursdays from 12pm-2pm in the Sanctuary.
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