Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.
—John 17:3

Bringing true connection in a disconnected world.


It all starts with yada (and ginosko)

In Genesis 1-2 we see God’s original plan for man—made in their image, blessed to be fruitful and multiply, and tasked to go, subdue the earth, and rule on their behalf. We walk with Him in the cool of the day, we look into His eyes, we eat from the Tree of His life…we know Him. And He knows us. In Hebrew, this is yada, and in Greek, ginoskoto know, to know deeply. Intimately. To experience. It’s communion. It’s where we become one. It’s close and it’s intimate. This most important connection was broken in Genesis 3 and everything began to unravel. We were disconnected...from God, from our mission, even from ourselves. But Jesus came to reconnect us in every way. Following Him, we find ourselves in best relationship we’ve ever been in, connected again in community, and aligned to His missional purpose—establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Rediscover and Walk in the Way

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he was deeply connected in three different areas: with His Father, with His community (disciples), and with the world around him. As we follow Jesus, and walk in His Way, we find ourselves reconnected to the Father, our community, and our mission.


In the tent, we pray, worship, and know (yada / ginosko) God. These connections focus our attention up where we meet God, know him intimately, and He knows us.



Home is where we connect in with those around us. This is where we share meals, our lives, and the love of God as we grow disciple-makers.



Our cities, neighborhoods, workplaces, parks, everywhere we go, we bring the good news of Jesus as the Kingdom of God pushes out into the world.

Church and Micro-Church

The early church in Acts met in the temple courts and in their homes. Like the early church, we gather together for corporate times of prayer, worship, teaching, and fellowship, and we scatter to our homes and in the marketplace. We are active in our city—multiplying His Kingdom and seeing the fruit of knowing (yada) Him in our worship services, our neighborhoods, at our jobs, at the store, getting a coffee, everywhere we go, and in everything we do.

The Gathered Church

We gather for times of corporate worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship. We celebrate together and share testimony is what God is doing in our midst. This is your typical Sunday service and is what most people think of when they hear the word church.

The Scattered (Micro) Church

The Scattered Church is everywhere that isn't gathered church. It is led from the home, school, and in the marketplace. It happens around the dinner table, during breaks, and at the park. It is in these contexts that leaders raise up disciple-makers.

Gather. Scatter. Repeat.

Whether you are a student, a young adult, older adult, at home, or in the marketplace, there is a place for you in The Garden.

Check out the Groups page for more places to get involved!


Corporate Gatherings

The Gathered Church
Sundays, 10am, Worship, children's ministry nursery - 6th grade

The Bridge

Thursdays, 12pm-2pm
The sanctuary is open for prayer, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 4pm


The Scattered Church
Church gatherings are happening all over the Upstate in homes and businesses.

For more information on a micro-church meeting near you, please email