For some discipleship growth perspective, two years ago we really didn't have any home groups at Bridgeway. At The Garden Greenville, we have now grown to have:

  • 2 recovery groups (grief and addiction)
  • 5 business discipleship groups
  • 28 active home groups
Additionally, as of early June, we conservatively have about 8-10 new leaders, which since these are all couples, represent 4-5 new home groups set to launch within the next 6 months. There are likely others, which we may not yet be aware of that are being raised up within our 28 home groups.

Our youth leaders are actively working to build out new youth homes, which they hope to launch later this year.

This year we moved from exclusively offering a Home Leadership Training model, (which we provided 2x a year over 4 sessions) to launch our initial home groups, to a discipleship coaching model plus intensive home leader training. Our coaching model is focused on making disciple-makers (or new home leaders) organically as they are raised up by our home leaders within existing homes and/or business discipleship groups.

From this experiential training, we will also provide periodic intensive home leader training to launch new home leaders.

This year we also implemented coaching advisors to provide support and accountability for all home leaders and provide our leaders with monthly ongoing leadership training as well.


We have so many beautiful things to celebrate when it comes to The Garden Greenville outreach and care ministries.

This year at The Pantry, we have had 2 food distributions per month, serving anywhere from 40-75 families. This includes prayer, friendship, play, food boxes, and donations from our church body in the way of toiletries, home goods, clothing, and items for children.

Connect Camp will be coming to our campus in July serving our greater Greenville community. We are on track to completely scholarship 25-30 children whose families have become a regular part of our Berea family.

Eden's Garden is small, but mighty. Even though we've pared back on how much of the land we are using, we have planted all 40 raised beds completely through donations and they are growing abundantly. Our hope is to be able to offer those first fruits to our church family and then to the community.

The Garden Greenville is currently spiritually and/or financially supporting 6 missionary families around the world. This looks like monthly calls, check-ins through text/Marco, and financial support equaling $24,000 annually.

Here at The Garden Greenville, to support our local community, we offer a Grief Group, a Recovery Group, and we partner with Piedmont Women's Center with prayer and support for clients whenever it is needed.

Prayer & Worship

We believe true relational connection with Abba is our most important connection. We have invested intentionally in this and seen multiplication this year through:
  • Powerful marked times of encounter & equipping (Table Conference, Fire in the Carolina, Tent 24 Hour Prayer & Worship, Garden College Retreat, Staff Leaning Immersion, 40 Day Focus Fast & Prayer, Marriage Retreat)
  • Consistent, corporate prayer rhythms for every day of the work week (Monday- Wed Morning Prayer, Thursday Noon Prayer, Friday Night Fire, Sunday AM Prayer)
  • A sanctuary and prayer chapel available and used for hosting prayer & worship any hour of the day or night
  • 50 musicians and artists of all ages on the worship arts team leading and equipping children, youth, and adults in musical worship
  • Over 30 fiery homes discipling people from all sectors of society worshiping and praying together
  • Youth worship band and weekly equipping of young leaders to cultivate a Davidic lifestyle of habitation with God
  • Prayer and Worship in Berea & on our property partnered with our Food Pantry
  • The installation of prayer benches throughout the property as points of connection
  • Continual prayer walks happening on property as well as other areas in the community
  • Garden College year-long intensive course on the foundations, theology, and methodology of worship connection with God
  • Multiplication and intentional development of prayer and worship leaders, teachers, and teams across every age group

Garden College

Students that completed Garden College in 2022:
  • Year one: 18 students completed
  • Year two: 23 students completed
  • Year three: 14 students graduated
  • Total Students: On-campus: 39 students & Online: 16 students
*Total completed in 2022: 55 students

Students leading or discipling a home group, youth, or other students:
  • Students leading in Youth: 7
  • Students coaching/leading homes: 9
  • Students leading in both: 3
  • Total students leading 19…. (40% overall students)
Other big wins for Garden College:
  1. Organizational Stability: Same College Director & schedule for the entire year.
  2. Growing a Discipleship Culture: Next year we will have mostly non-staff members
  3. teaching and coaching students in Garden College.
  4. Disciple-Makers: Nearly 40% of Students are discipling, leading, & teaching others at some level.
  5. 1st: Inaugural Graduating Class: This year was the first year we had a graduating class of all three years. (Alumni)
  6. Garden College Team: This year we established the Garden College Leadership Team.
  7. Vision: We had a 7-year goal to have 7 departments and a team to steward each department. We currently have 7 departments and almost all departments have a different person(s) leading each department.

Garden Academy

In the summer of 2021, a team of concerned parents, teachers and leaders worked together to take the first steps in establishing an on-campus school for what will eventually be K-12. The 2021-2022 school year served as a pilot year and included 7 students representing middle and high school grades. By the fall, a planning team was formed to structure what is now known as Garden Academy - a homeschool co-op partnering with parents to prepare students for a post-high school life. This optional/multi-package co-op will serve families of rising 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders in the 2022-2023 school year. Curriculum includes core academic subjects, Spanish immersion, and elective courses that foster leadership, digital understanding, biblical literacy and arts literacy. As of July 2022, Garden Academy has enrolled 23 students and contracted 80% of its teachers. Branding has been created and a website has been launched. The downstairs classrooms and outdoor spaces are currently being updated in order to be more age appropriate. Teaching teams are meeting regularly and preparing curriculum. School begins August 15.

2021-2022 School Year
  • Aug 2021 - Initiated a Pilot Year
    • Purpose: to experiment with different learning platforms, Garden “DNA” classes/groups, to discover what students actually need
    • 7 students representing middle school and high school grades with on-campus learning Mon-Thurs
  • Oct 2021 Garden Academy Planning Team established to pioneer new framework
    • Included professional educators, potential school admin leaders, homeschool teachers and financial advisors
  • Jan 2022
    • Hosted the first of 6 monthly Garden Academy Interest Meetings (scheduled through July 2022)
    • Opened enrollment for 2022-2023 school year
    • For pilot students: Revamped daily class schedule & expectations to foster healthy discourse
    • For pilot: Introduced in-person instruction for students & new curriculum for certain subjects
    • Hired team member to help steward the 7 students & to serve on the Garden Planning Team
  • May 2022 - Garden Academy Website launched
  • June 2022 - Planning Team gives full time focus to Garden Academy
Current status of Garden Academy:
  • Registered 23 students for 6th-9th grade
  • Completed 95% of scheduled interviews with parents/families
  • Contracted 80% of needed teachers and tutors
  • Outfitting facilities and grounds to be age appropriate within shared space
  • Preparing curriculum and organizing teaching teams

Garden Global

The Garden global exists to reach people around the world with the message of the Garden. We produce all the online content for the Garden including podcasts and livestreamed Sundays. We use multiple mediums of communication to express the DNA of what the Father has entrusted to us. We tell stories of what the Father is doing here and help people connect with ways of becoming family.

Since January 2022, Garden Global has…

  • Relaunched Coach and Joe with an Ekklesia vision. It currently has 1.83K subscribers an increase of 183. We are reaching 135 countries and have had total 20k views.
  • Launched Grace and Truth. Since March 30th we have gained 437 subscribers on You Tube, 1460 followers on Instagram and 411 Facebook page likes. We are receiving weekly testimonies of how the content is impacting women. We are reaching 37 countries and have had 14k total views.
  • Created 3 new websites and branded Garden College and Garden Academy
  • Livestreamed every Sunday service. We have had 24K views since January 2022.
  • Communicated weekly with the local church.
  • Pioneered the story for youth and for the local church
  • Produced an Ecourse on Chad’s new book and written multiple blog posts for Coach and Joe and Grace and Truth
  • Had influence in other spheres. In May Chad was a guest on Sid Roth’s show and we have created a 21 day journey on John as a follow-up product.

2021 Financials

The Garden Greenville, like many churches, have experienced financial challenges during the last year due to pandemic health and resulting economic reasons. Unfortunately, church leadership had to reduce 9 full and part time positions in late 2021 and 2022 to address this financial challenge saving over $475,000 in annual personnel costs.


Tithes & Offerings $1,547,788
Designated 478,331
Total $2,026,119


Local Church $1,295,023
Outreach 60,834
Resources 520,959
Garden College 221,659
Garden Academy 111,993
Garden Global 235.566
Total $2,446,033
Regarding expenses, Local Church includes salaries, employee benefits and all local ministry expenses. Resources include costs to maintain the building and premises such as Administration, Building & Maintenance, Capital Expenditures, Insurance, and the Renovation Loan.

Staff Priorities

During 2022, the Garden Academy and The Garden Global have moved into full production and the service hours per week for all staff are now reflected in the chart below.
Local Church Academy College Global Total
# Staff hours / week 300.5 92 103.5 119 615
% Staff hours / week 49% 15% 17% 19% 100%
# Staff hours / week % Staff hours / week
Local Church 300.5 49%
Academy 92 15%
College 103.5 17%
Global 119 19%